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Our AgStrata team

AgStrata is comprised of livestock industry experts, data scientists and customer service representatives who are committed to the long-term success of animal agriculture. We combine a deep understanding of the livestock industry and a passion for helping our customers create actionable intelligence.

Meet our leadership

Mike Miller

Vice President

Miller holds a B.S. degree in Agriculture Business from Colorado State University. He is the former vice president of customer solutions for Where Food Comes From and served as senior vice president of global marketing and research at NCBA. He has spent his entire career serving agriculture, including roles at CattleFax and Rhone Poulenc Ag Company. Mike leads the delivery of innovative data management solutions to AgStrata customers.

Shawn Walter

Manager, Database Operations

Walter, a graduate of Colorado State University’s animal science program, started working for Professional Cattle Consultants (PCC) in 2000 and was able to purchase PCC in 2006 after eMerge sold companies they had bought back to their original owners. He ran the company until June of 2017 when it was acquired by AgStrata, LLC. While at PCC, he documented feedlot performance and profitability benchmarks for more than 25 percent of cattle on feed in the U.S. During the past 47 years PCC amassed more than 300 million head of closeout records. Shawn leads the database operations team overseeing data collection, reporting, normalization and validation processes as well as new database product development.

Cache McClure

Associate Data Scientist

McClure holds a B.S. degree in Mechanical Engineering from West Texas A&M University. He has a strong math and data modeling background and will be particularly useful in making our vision of actionable intelligence a reality. Cache is a data scientist working in the database operations team and is responsible for building and maintaining analytical tools and oversees the AgStrata website as well.

Helen Harvey

Database Administrative Assistant

Harvey has worked for Professional Cattle Consultants (PCC) since 1999 and will continue to be a key member of the AgStrata team moving forward given her deep experience, skillset and trusted customer relationships. Early in her career at PCC, she was one of four data specialists where her main focus was to enter and review data from feedyards and compile reports and publications for customers before our industry transitioned to more automated data interfaces. Helen’s responsibilities as the database administrative assistant have shifted more from data entry to a critical requirement of data validation.

Eddy Lepatio

Database Developer

Lepatio holds a B.S. degree in Computer Science with a Entrepreneurship minor, and a MBA from Southwestern Oklahoma State University. He began working for Professional Cattle Consultants (PCC) in 2012 to gain a deep skillset in database development. Eddy is responsible for the coding requirements in every project from automated data loaders and validation tools to website development.